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Young Living

Little Oilers Kit


This Little Oilers kit would make THE perfect baby shower or new mom gift. 

This Little Oilers Young Living Premium Starter Kit includes:
+Young Living wholesale membership
+Feather the Owl Ultrasonic Diffuser, (diffuser, nightlight, sound maker, & humidifier in 1!)
+Little Oilers KidScents Oil Collection 
+2 steel roller tops (simply pop onto any of your new oils for easy roller application)

Little Oilers KidScents Oil Collection: 5 ml bottles of pre-diluted oils ready to use on kids of all ages
+Owie - bumps & bruises
+SniffleEase - respiratory support
+GeneYus - brain power, learning, focus, studying
+Sleepyize - Promote restful sleep
+TummyGize - tummy & digestion support


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