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KidScents Roller Bundle


Your children go through a lot in a day, so Young Living is introducing the ultimate parenting tool kit with our KidScents® Roll-On Collection. Your favorite KidScents essential oil blends are ready to roll at a moment’s notice to support children’s needs using gentle, natural methods and ingredients. This collection features six superstar blends to tackle all the ups and downs of your children’s days. Each custom blend is ready for easy application and portability in a convenient roller for natural solutions anytime, anywhere.

The KidScents Roll-On Collection includes:


  • GeneYus is formulated to increase alertness and creativity, with an inspiring, stimulating, and invigorating aroma that promotes feelings of inspiration and productivity. Use it during study time or in the afternoon to improve clarity to finish the day strong.
  • KidPower features an uplifting aroma that helps inspire feelings of confidence, courage, and positivity.
  • Owie naturally soothes minor ouchies when applied topically.
  • SleepyIze contains naturally relaxing vapors to promote feelings of relaxation and tranquility for the body and mind. Whether it’s bedtime or naptime, add SleepyIze to your little one’s routine for a more calm, restful wind-down before sleep.
  • SniffleEase is a relaxing and quieting blend to be applied to the chest and throat to promote feelings of health and wellness with natural soothing vapors.
  • TummyGize’s soothing blend helps comfort tummy troubles and promote feelings of balance and relaxation.

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